Should you be using REST, GraphQL, gRPC, or SOAP? Are you better off with microservices or a monolith? How do you encourage client adoption? Fulminatus can help you navigate the business decisions around building out your API products.


Fulminatus can provide an analysis of an existing API, either pre- or post-release. We will assess usability, consistency, complexity, and room for growth. The results will also include an analysis of the product documentation, suggesting changes to improve the end-user experience and cut down on your support burden.


Fulminatus can help with the design of a new API or a new version of an existing API. We will work closely with your product owner and and development staff to build a product that meets all the needs of your consumers, minimizes your support burden, and remains open to future change.


Fulminatus can work with your development team on an on-call basis, doing research, proposing options, raising design considerations, and giving feedback on the most important and challenging parts of your API.


Fulminatus can come on-site or deliver via webinar a presentation on important considerations in API design, implementation, and evolution. This presentation will be customized for the needs of your organization, and to the abilities of your development staff. Presentations can run in length from half an hour to several days.